a galant survivor

a galant survivor, originally uploaded by Aiko, Thomas & Juliette+Isaac.

as some of you may know, for three years in a row my property got chemical drift from the neighboring farmland. The third year was so bad that a lot of plants didn’t even bother coming back and trees were in serious distress. Even the grass wasn’t green any more.
It was not a pretty episode in my life to a point that I was not healthy any more. But what can you do?
Ask them to stop spraying in high winds? Every one was laughing.
I could not just abandon my property or just let it be killed off by the chemicals.

So I decided that I had enough and must fight for my little spot on this earth.
With help of my friends, I finally found the means to put a halt to all the chemical trespassing.
Lucky for me, I have very good friends with down town offices on top floors of the highest buildings.
When the farmers started receiving letters from serious people and the Indiana Chemist bureau, they suddenly started to take my complaints seriously.

Now they can’t spray themselves any more. The experts of the local Coop are doing that now.
And it shows off. After two seasons without any drifting, my little habitat is showing signs of recovery.
Like this one on the photo. For years the plant was struggling and producing ample and very crumpled flowers but now it seems to be back to glory.
Young trees and seedlings I planted are just now starting to shoot up and the old trees do a remarkable effort to recover.
There must be a lot of chemical residue because some trees are still showing the obvious distress.
Mainly the Red bud and the Boxelder. Those two species are known to be very sensitive to roundup anyway.
But it will take years of recovery, not to speak of all the plants and flowers what just disappeared .

I have lived for the better part of my life in the countryside and always enjoyed farming in general. Up to this episode I have never felt the need or needed to defend my environment.
Now I see the flip side of the chemicals we all use and it’s not all that safe what we do.

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