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Miss Grasshopper lost her Master

Friday, October 29th, 2010

Miss Grasshopper lost her Master, originally uploaded by Aiko, Thomas & Juliette.

Juliette and I are heart broken.
Thomas’ cancer was progressing faster then I expected. He went down hill so fast. Stopped eating, hardly took any biscuits and the pain medicine didn’t work any more.
He was a hero until the end. Guarding at night and doing his rounds against all odds. Just limping from place to place as best as he could then sit down and bark a bit. Then his barking became feeble at best.

I know I was trying to hold on to him but it was no use. I couldn’t let him suffer this way. We sat nights together on his mulch heap and on Monday, I saw it in his eyes: He had enough.
Yesterday morning Dr. Lions came on house call and we both decided that it was time. He wanted to get up to greet her but couldn’t.

He went to sleep very peacefully in my arms on our front porch where we spent so many happy hours.

Juliette and I will miss our great protector, teacher and friend.

Thank you all my friends and Thomas fans.