ball of cotton

ball of cotton, originally uploaded by Aiko and Thomas.

So far it’s been an experience this week.
Juliette is a real trooper considering all the new things she has to cope with.
15.4 pounds at the vet this week. A visit both of them enjoyed a lot despite the needles and sprays. She’s now 22 inches head to tail. (This for future reference)
Run over by Thomas and me a few times, eating bad stuff and puking. Dealing with Sissy, who only hisses at her. Then she wouldn’t eat so I made fluffy pancakes with a little honey for her. (thomas liked that too)
Today she was startled so much by Thomas coming in the house, that she jumped hard and twisted her front paw. But after a few minutes limping, she jumped again and ran of, like nothing happened.

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