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sometime I wish I could go there

Friday, May 29th, 2009

sometime I wish I could go there, originally uploaded by Aiko and Thomas.

Things are not looking to good at the doghouse. We got another case of spray drift and a possible case of vapour drift mitigation. The chemicals used seem to be even more toxic as last years.
I’m sorry, I have not been commenting on your photos or responding to e mails lately.
I hope you all understand.
I’ll try later to update.
Thanks. Thomas and Aiko

drift and bokeh

Monday, May 25th, 2009

drift and bokeh, originally uploaded by Aiko and Thomas.

To whom it may concern,

On friday may 22 – 2009 the field west of my property was sprayed with 2-4-D and roundup mixture.
The farmer (Myron Cragun) called me at 7.40 am to tell me that they were going to spray and he would start closest to my fence line and work himself back into the west.
(apparently he had called Steve Acton (owner of the field) too.
I complied with the spray because at that time winds were very calm or even non existent.
Shortly after that the farmers son started spraying one row next to my fenceline and then disappeared into the far end of the field.
I thought he would make short work and take advantage of the moment. But not.
Shortly after nine he had not come back to spray more rows.
Then I had to go to visit a customer and run to the hardware store to get supplies for my work.
After eleven I came back to see him still spraying (about third row off my fence) and stopping frequently (maybe to get stones out of the way or so).
By that time the wind had picked up and was coming from the west in gusts. Thus: blowing my way. Also the temperature was climbing fast and it must have been already 85 degrees.
I called my neighbor Richard Delaschmidt and asked him to come over to give me advice whether I should try and stop the spraying or not.
By the time Richard arrived ,it was already too late to do anything: tThe tractor came by one more time (one row off my fence) and went to the field across the road.
I would argue that If the farmer had pushed on with his plan, he would have been at least half way the field when the wind started picking up and no harm would have been done.
While standing next to my van, we could smell the herbicides after the tractor passed us.

Today: monday 25, I fear that spray drifted again over my land. Already a lot of plants and trees – close to the fence line and some farther away – are showing distress, although it is at this time impossible to tell that this is caused by the new spray or that it is residue roundup from the spray drift last year in july.

Aiko vanhulsen
may 25 2009